1: 1 comparison grape series IW500704 (seven chain) & high imitation of the best version of the contrast (appearance)

Almost a year did not write about the genuine 1: 1 contrast article, the last official level of contrast, is detailed Rolex MILGAUSS series 116400 GV replica watches uk, compared to the genuine and then the best high imitation version of the table, (Of course, that one is still the best version) then this time compared to the model high imitation table in last year (2015) began in August, after 5 months of market testing and improvement of the latest generation of high-imitation improvement There is no doubt that in the past five months, this rolex replica is a number of high imitation table, the explosion in the explosion section. If you are interested in this watch, then this article will certainly be able to help you. (Of course if you are coming to my blog through a search engine, please note the writing time: January 7, 2016 This article is mainly about the genuine IW500704 grape series, and now you can see (January 7, 2016) the appearance of the best high imitation of contrast. So that we learn more about the authentic information, as well as the high imitation table open the hearts of the people. I will also explain some of my personal views on the 1: 1 contrast in the summary section, as well as my future plans for a full series of high-imitation Portuguese IW500704 series. Small category First, the positive contrast Second, the head contrast Third, side comparison Fourth, the pointer detail contrast 5, movement contrast & back cover 6, strap comparison Seven, buckle contrast Eight, clasp detail comparison Nine, summary First, the positive contrast After reading the positive contrast, whether it is placed together, or a separate watch, these two are very nice watch, the two watches of the genuine big picture is taken under the same light source. You can see in the texture and light radiation is exactly the same. Including the AR coating also has a very close to the color performance, while the position in the print and the second disk on the number and spacing between the figures, and energy storage plate on the number and spacing of the figures are fully consistent with the original , & Lt; Often every "should do" behind are hiding a stick. These seemingly "should do" behind, there must be open mode many times through the glass factory, factory movement, the docking of the factory, to determine the contrast was able to complete the final results, these seemingly simple comparison, Often in the open mode each time and the docking process, the design of a description of the drawings, you need a full night. Some people say that manufacturers will not help you to study these? Of course not, the relevant manufacturers just to help open mold production of these products. For example, in the eyes of the literal factory, this IWC is literally a gold-plated scale with a 6-digit silver calendar and a 2.33mm center hole. In addition there is no other, only open mode will require spacing, the size of the calendar frame, scale font of the arc, and so a series of details. And put forward the program can be implemented to help manufacturers to complete. Second, the head contrast IWC in the high imitation of the whole series of IWC rolex replica watches, there are countless times on the genuine watch head work and design, and detailed research and analysis, so the details of the angle and carving control, the head of the design and Finished products have reached a very perfect state, we can see whether it is structural, or sensory texture, it is difficult to say which head will be better, or which head will be almost. Experience is more effective than "see carefully"! In the design of the head, this seven-day chain of Nations, Portugal, whether genuine or high imitation are 25 edges at the same time, engraved lettering depth and thickness, open mode people have done a very detailed study, and the past, Some of the focus on the study of fonts, some focus on the handle, while the other part is focused on the details of the drawing, and details of the groove, and function on the retention, and this one of the imitation of the country's development and research are inseparable, The success of high imitation Portuguese seven days of the chain head, then the formal collection of a large number of people in the past open model for other Portuguese series watch the head of the development of integrated comparison, and then complete the most beautiful Portuguese series head. Third, side comparison Through the side of the comparison, we can note that this table is genuine and high imitation of the case drawing and polishing process is very close, while the most critical design is shell design. This design in August 2015 and the earliest launch of the New Zealand Portugal seven chain is completely different, it can be said in the early generation version of the seven chain, in the mold to solve the movement problem, all the design is to With the principle of movement priority. And did not consider more details of the problem. The production of good and beautiful things, is the understanding of beauty and beauty Genuine Portugal's seven-day chain of the entire series of shell design is ergonomic starting to improve the ear to bring a very comfortable to wear feel (from IWC official website) and this paragraph, in the open model of the understanding of the eyes Is the "focus on the lug between the arc, and the combination of the length of the strap, the resulting wear feel" so we can note that in the genuine and high imitation contrast, drawing and polishing the texture similar to that, the whole Lugs of the two radians, is exactly the same. And then through the same length of the strap, the same excellent clasp, you can achieve exactly the same feel and wear genuine. Completion of all this, the need will be, not only a pair of so-called "sharp eyes", but also from the heart of the pursuit of aesthetics. Fourth, the pointer detail contrast In the color and gloss, the details of the pointer called the perfect masterpiece, but in fact this is not enough. Really great, is to see other people can not see the place. We can note that this IW500704 grape series (seven chain) in the details of the pointer has also done a very detailed changes, replica and genuine also do the same bending design, which is open model in the discovery of this A different conclusion after finalizing the different details of the hourly details of the IW500704 sales in other different regions. At the same time to mention that, in the Universal series, the pointer of the radian of this detail, not only the Portuguese timer series have the earliest emergence of this change is the nations Mark 17 seconds, followed by the Other series of watches, also made the corresponding improvements. 5, movement contrast & back cover This movement, the genuine chain of Portugal seven days, is enabled in 2015, from the 52000 series produced movement series, 52010 homemade movement, before the genuine Portuguese calendar movement, can only say that Is based on the ETA 2892-A2 of the modified models, but high imitation imitation IW52010 movement, can be said to be a breakthrough in high imitation table, if the expansion is concerned, at least 3000 words or more, I will later articles In this movement do a detailed explanation. Back cover still maintained a high quality high imitation table in the past style, all the lettering, the perfect engraving should be in the position, Billetton automatic winding system For the pursuit of beauty, often from the beginning to do a good job can be done. Of course it is worth mentioning that genuine IW 52010 homemade movement, still has his excellent place, not only better non-fine tune Glucydur balance wheel balance accessories, as well as Genius chief engineer invented the patent 60 years ago Chain approach, "Billeton self-winding system." As well as Breguet hairspring, these are replicas can not, and replicas can do. 9-bit stop-second function, a long time on the chain box, the real kinetic energy display, including the relevant location and appearance details of the close, are based on the open model for the pursuit of aesthetics. As well as domestic manufacturers of strong research and development capacity for the backing of the product. 6, strap comparison This is no competitive contrast, that is, compared to the strap, the high imitation watches and genuine is completely different, authentic use is the most high quality crocodile leather strap, and high imitation table is used in leather Of the strap. Whether it is in the alignment of the way, or the texture of the strap are not on a heavyweight. Just short-lived cheap how so? In the final analysis only because the level of consumption has not yet reached, that is, high imitation table of consumer groups, the vast majority of the time being or "cost" for the priority consumer groups, and not fully achieved, and genuine the same height. I believe that any buyer to buy genuine table, will never ask the clerk "I do not want the box can not be cheap" or "I would like to change into leather strap, can give a discount" this problem. Of course, authentic watch for the dedication and the pursuit, but also never allow anyone to destroy a watch they think the perfect experience, But I believe that with the open mode for the constant pursuit of quality in the future even if the high imitation used by the expensive supplies, such as the best crocodile leather strap, the quality of movement, will gradually and genuine convergence, To reach another peak, that is, in the future, even high imitation table will be more expensive. The pursuit of quality will be higher and higher, the compromise will be less and less. Challenging luxury design, far more than the real luxury to the wonderful If you have been observing high imitation watches about the world, or have been collecting or paying attention to the high imitation of the series of high imitation of the nations, you can note that in 2013, all the countries of high imitation table folding buckle inside Of the IWC mark, all non-embossed design. Some are printed up, and some are directly posted up, or the relief of the carving is very simple. Rough, and so on, until today, all with very good relief design, and a clear lettering, these are not open model for the details of the challenge. Open model for one detail, but also a perfect detail, in the process of improving the introduction of new products. However, after the accumulation of details to an equivalent, once again broke out a new amazing product. This is the fun of high imitation table. Which is far more than the real "luxury" or create a genuine "luxury" more exciting. Nine, summary Well, through this article illustrations illustrated, I believe we have to understand the difference between genuine and high imitation, and tell the truth about the genuine and high imitation 1: 1 contrast. Is actually a complete pseudo-proposition, which is not completely in a heavyweight two products, whether it is involved in the development of the number, or related to the firmware manufacturer, or the price of the sale, are not the same, more Importantly, there will never be any open model, will get an imitation, to be deceived tools, and then sold at genuine prices to you. The only thing is the pursuit of aesthetics, the perfect unremitting efforts. Simply put genuine watch to bring you, is a value of 92500 RMB watch experience, and high imitation table to bring you, is to let you use a lower cost to experience the most advanced China Watch the pursuit of aesthetics for the watch and create. Official media level of "true" "false" contrast I will do a whole series at the same time on the seven countries of Portugal chain, do the whole network the most complete high-quality detailed explanation. Let us know more about the genuine information, as well as a perfect high imitation behind the story, thank you for watching. Next preview This is in the past without any high imitation table business done, I believe everyone did not think that in the authentic world, even if the two different authentic literal, there will be differences in detail, if you need to complete a whole series Of imitation, not only to understand the details of the watch for the pursuit and design concepts, but also need to buy a number of genuine reference development, on the next article, I will take two genuine Portuguese seven days chain Contrast, so that we understand the difference between genuine and authentic. If you are interested in these, please follow the follow-up update.